Sunday, March 27, 2011

I'm on a boat. I've got my swim suit & my flippy floppie's!

Last week, I went on spring break with my girlfriends. It was a bittersweet moment...we had a great time together, but were sad since it's our last break we'll share together for a while. We lived it up and took full advantage of our vacation.
We left last Sunday night, and drove to Port Canaveral where our cruise ship was ready and waiting. Early Monday morning, we arrived to the port and got on the ship. We were welcomed by the warm Florida sunshine, something we haven't seen in a while since KY has been so cold. We quickly changed into our swimsuits, found our beach chairs, and laid out all day. There were cocktail waiters coming around the ship to serve us. Of course we couldn't say no since we were on vacation! And since we had everything we needed (drinks, sun and friendship) we didn't move from our chairs until it was time for us to get ready for supper.
Every night dinner was great AMAZING!!! Everything I ordered was delicious (it was a 3 course meal) and the service was phenomenal too. They literally waited on us hand and foot! Anything we asked for we got. And if we didn't like something we ordered, they would bring out something else that would satisfy us.
On Tuesday, we made it to Coco Cay. This is an island in the Bahamas the cruise ship owns. It was BEAUTIFUL!!! I can't stress how pretty and peaceful it was there. The water was ice blue and so pretty to look at. The water was too cold for me to get in but my friends did some swimming. In all honesty, ever since I started watching Shark Week I have been afraid of the ocean. I just relaxed on the beach all day, caught up on my celebrity gossip from magazines and had some delicious frozen drinks. The day couldn't have gone any better! When it was time to go, I really didn't want to leave! I could have stayed there the entire week if I was allowed to. However, I don't think the ship would have allowed it :( Once we returned to the ship, we got ready for supper and to go out for the night.
We went to a club on the ship called The Circuit. It was so much for me and my friends! We all love to dance and had a great time with each other that night, although we did see some strange and gross dancing going on in the club. Definitely inappropriate at times...good thing "the club" was 18 and up-ha! We ended every night with getting pizza. That's one bad thing about the cruise...there is food available at all times. Bad for someone like me who wants to eat ALL the time.
The next day, we made it to Nassau. I was so excited to see this island (since this is where Atlantis is) but I was really let down. Even though the water was pretty and the weather was nice I didn't really care for Nassau. If you don't go to Atlantis then there really isn't much to do or see. Since we're about to be graduates we decided to have our money and not do any of the activities associated with Atlantis. Instead we went to a local beach and laid out there until dinner. Me and two of my friends (Angie and Kristan) decided to explore the town some and have lunch at a local spot. The food was surprisingly really good but the service was so slow. It definitely wasn't the fast American restaurant pace I'm used to. Before getting back on the ship, we went to the "straw market". This is where they sale their products (purses, decorations, clothing, etc). I purchased a really cute bracelet from there. I love it!!!
After dinner, we decided to head back out in Nassau to go to the bars. They had a Senor Frogs on the island and I was so excited to go there! I've heard so many fun things about Senor Frogs and I couldn't wait to go. But I was disappointed again. The band wasn't that good, the drinks were just okay, and the entire place smelled like smoke (and not just from cigarettes). All in all, I was really let down with Nassau. Maybe my standards were set too high. I would go again only if I was guaranteed to go to Atlantis. But if you don't plan on visiting Atlantis, I wouldn't recommend going to Nassau.

Thursday was our last day on the ship and it was also St. Patrick's Day!!! The ship was WILD! Everyone was outside soaking up the last few rays...I know I was out trying to soak up all that I could. There were all these contests and entertainment going on around the pool. It was so much fun to watch & my friend Hayley even entered in one of them! We laid out ALL DAY LONG and many didn't even make it to dinner. Of course I did! I couldn't miss out on the wonderful food and it was our last night. Since we had to get off the ship so early on Friday, we decided to get crazy during the day instead of that night. Some of my friends watched a comedy show on the ship but I was just too tired. I had to get my packing done and rest before driving home.

Unfortunately, Friday came faster than we wanted it to. We left that afternoon and got home early Saturday morning. It was good to be home but after being back for a day I was ready to leave again. I miss the beautiful water and the hot sun. Thank goodness spring is officially here! All I need now is for the country club pool to open. I'm ready to soak up those days!

I hope all of you had a great weekend & enjoyed your Spring Break (for those lucky enough to get one)! And GO CATS-Going to the Final Four :) Yay!!!!

Love Always,


  1. Oh my gosh--I love love love everyone's Tri Delta tank tops! What a fabulous trip! You and your friends look absolutely gorgeous, and so happy to be on Spring Break.

    I was cheering on Kentucky today for all my blogger friends--glad you won. ;)

  2. This post brings back sooooo many memories from the cruise I went on my senior year. *tear*

    Looks like you guys had sooo much fun!

  3. FUN! can't wait for pool time this summer!

  4. My boyfriend and I are saving our air miles for a cruise-almost there!! You certainly had a good spring break!

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