Thursday, January 27, 2011

Valentine's Day

As we all know Valentine's Day is celebrated every February 14th. It is a day to do something sweet for the one(s) you love. I personally am not a huge Valentine's Day fan. Even though I have someone to spend it with...I want him to always show that he loves me and not just do something special because it's the one day a year he's supposed to. We always just do something small and sweet for each other. Usually, I'm always in a crunch on what to do for him though because I feel like this day is so much easier for the guys than the girls. This year I am more prepared than usual and have found some great ideas I wanted to share with you!

My boyfriend loves to play board games! One of his favorites is Monopoly. I found this customized "Lovopoly" where you can have photos and places you've shared together put on the board.

You can find it at this website

I've already purchased this book to give to Zach this Valentine's Day. It's called "What I Love About You". It's filled with questions and fill in the blanks to help you translate what you feel in your heart but can't always find the words to say. It's really sweet and something I think he'll really appreciate since I took the time to do everything in the book. It also helps me remember the good times we've shared together. I know...I'm a huge dork and so cheesy! But when I saw it at Barnes and Noble I couldn't resist!

I also got him this pull over sweater for Valentine's day and had it monogrammed for him. I know it's not Valentineish but I know he'll love it and wear it all the time. I got this from and they are on sale right now! It didn't take long to receive either. I was really impressed with how fast it came.

You can also make or buy a "coupon book" for your special someone. I always like to make mine and personalize it with Z's favorite things. For example: one back massage for 30 minutes, one sports event or dinner and a movie date. Anything cute and personal that you know your valentine would like. Trust me...they'll definitely use it so don't make a coupon for something you won't really want to do-haha!

Out of everything someone could buy me, I would most like to receive a card or letter. Homemade or store bought...doesn't matter...I love them all! Especially when they are delivered in the mail and not just handed to you. Receiving a card telling me how much a person loves me is the best feeling. I am sure your loved one would appreciate it too!

I hope this helps those of you who are struggling out there! I would love to hear any of your ideas on Valentine's Day surprises.

Love Always,


  1. Cute ideas!! I love the pull over you got him. I love getting personal things in the mail too. I love McD's monopoly and my old boyfriend hated Mcdonalds and he sent me a card once that said the things I do for you full of monopoly pieces. hahaha.

  2. I remember you going crazy when McD's had their monopoly game going on lol. You were so close to winning a vacation!! That was really sweet and thoughtful of him.

  3. my boyfriend gave me that What I Love About You book a few years ago and I still read it occasionally just to remind myself how he feels! Definitely something I will keep forever!