Thursday, April 21, 2011


I'm embarrassed to say how many of these I have consumed this month. I probably had at least 6 this week! I can't help it...they are so addicting!!! It's a good thing the stores carry them for a short amount of time or I'd be in BIG trouble. These are the best Reese's they make because they are jammed pack with Peanut Butter. This has always been my favorite candy to get for Easter.

What's your favorite candy? Will any of you get an Easter basket this weekend? I love getting them but I rarely do now that I'm older :(

Hope everyone has a wonderful Easter weekend!

Love Always,


  1. I love Reese's eggs! I gave up chocolate for Lent so I cant't wait to dig into the Easter basket. I bought some chocolate bunnies for my kids today and it was all I could not to tear into them!

  2. i love them too! and yes, my mom still gives us easter baskets. but they're more grown up! we get all kinds of snack foods instead of candy (like 100 calorie packs) and usually giftcards for practical things like gas and groceries... growing up just isn't as fun!

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  4. omg these are so dang good. pop them in the freezer and they're too cool for school! YUM. I hope the Easter bunny visits me...

  5. I've stayed away from the grocery to avoid buying out the entire store! These are my favorite!

  6. I discovered the white chocolate ones this year and I am addicted. Had to give them up about the first week of March-they were just too good. My Mom usually sends me an Easter Basket-I hope this year is no exception!