Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Thank You, Amazon!

Last week, I called Amazon about my Kindle not working. For some reason the screen went all fuzzy on me and I couldn't see the words on the screen. I was heartbroken when this happened because I'm so dependent on my Kindle, and now I was having to actually buy books again. Yes, I am complaining about buying a book. I thought it would be hard to convert from an actual book to a Kindle but it was SO easy! I honestly don't miss books at all. The books on the Kindle are cheaper, download within seconds, it's very light and takes up less space! If you do not yet have one, I highly suggest you get one!

In just a few short minutes, the customer service guy got all my information and was sending me a NEW (Free) Kindle!!! He was so nice and hardly asked any questions about the damage. Literally, the NEXT day my Kindle arrived!!! I couldn't believe it! The customer service I experienced was remarkable.

I'm one happy lady now :)

Have any of you had problems with your Kindle? Or great customer service from Amazon? This only makes me want to shop at Amazon more. I appreciate good customer service and I feel it's something that has gone by the way side with all these "e companies." Thank you, awesome Amazon!

Love Always,

PS-I hate the screen saver on the Kindle...does anyone know how to change it?


  1. Aw! Good! I love good customer service! :)

  2. I love my Kindle and fortunately, haven't experienced any problems with it. I was such a purist when it came to books (English major at UK, don't ya know!), so I initially turned my nose up at Kindles. Then Hubby got me one for Christmas and I quickly became a convert, for the many reasons you listed above. Glad to hear you had a great customer service experience, too.

  3. LOVE good customer service. LOVE Amazon even more. They are the best!